Our services include the following:
  • Setting up of accounting software for small to medium business along with ongoing support. (see our product page)
  • providing advise on and procurement of contact/sales/marketing management software.
  • Assisting you to find the right software to suit your application.
  • customizing office applications (databases, word-processing templates & spreadsheet solutions).
  • Report writing using Crystal Reports and ODBC drivers


Besides this we also provide advise on Office applications for:
  • setting up databases for mail merge operations;
  • designing your business & private letter templates;
  • Retrieving lost features in your wordprocessor;
  • designing business quoting templates in Excel or any other spreadsheet;
  • working out other business calculations or reports.


We support: Microsoft Office products, Works, Open Office Suite (Oracle), Claris, IBM/Lotus, Corel Office suite (Word Perfect , Quattro, Paradox)