Personal Comprehensive (computing) Software Support (services)

For quality software application support wherever and whenever you need it at reasonable rates!

Hamilton, NZ, owners-operated business, giving you more (time) flexibility!

Assisting you on site, off-site or remotely! - Available when it suits you!

To support your business-application-software and/or to source your specific software needs and to make your data more useful to you instead of only catering for the taxman, bank manager and the accountant - That is how we define our business!

Expertise on offer

  • Small to medium business accounting software, setup and ongoing support (QuickBooks);
  • Assisting you to find the right software, whatever your application;
  • Excel Spreadsheet solutions (including ODBC queries and data manipulation of above accounting software)
  • Customising office applications (databases, word-processing templates);
  • Helping you to get the reports on your data the way you want it or as close as possible