Achieve Operational Excellence and keep your
QuickBooks/MYOB or MoneyWorks accounting system

Are you experiencing...
...missing out on repeat service work?
...jobs and projects are over cost and late?
...late deliveries from material shortages?
...hold ups due to only one key person having the expertise to do the task?
...lack of confidence relying on information as no one knows what's happening?
...double handling and entry impedes work due to lots of systems being in place?


These potential problems could suggest the lack of...
...a reminder system for repeat service work
...job and resource scheduling and tracking
...actual job costing and true job profitability
...detailed inventory traceability and replenishment
...knowledge transfer for everyone to access
...integration between the different systems


Such frustrations stagnate business, open up more competition and put at risk the efforts of everyone involved. Better operational systems free up staff to focus on higher return activities and the real business goals.

It may be time to have a look at OSTENDO

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